We can customize seminars and workshops to fit your budget and needs.

Covert Street Warrior.

It is better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared

Give your people a workshop/seminar that will last for years and not just a one time pump up session. Help your people create more motivation, self awareness, self control, confidence and more personal power! They will learn through lecture and hands on demos that will create a dynamic experience!

I’ve worked with people from the FBI and Special Forces to the 80 year old lady down the street and now I want to teach you to use that one ultimate weapon we all carry called your mind.

  • Learn to carry yourself with confidence.
  • Why flipping the mental switch is so important.
  • Learn the lesson that left a 3rd degree black belt bloody and on his the hand of a 15 year old boy.
  • Learn why one female was murdered and the other got away.
  • How to use body language.
  • How I turned Fear into Action when I was 10 years old.
  • Learn one action you should always do when you walk by people.
  • Learn one action you should never do while walking.
  • Learn to read body language from the experts.
  • Learn covert hypnosis/persuasion systems.
  • And so much more.

You will also gain insights into the mindset of some of the most elite trained people in the world! From Police to Delta Force. We bring the content and the experience all we need is you and the people to learn and enjoy!


Duration and Prices:     1 hour $977.00   2 hours $1,400.00    3 hours $2,300
Prices do not include travel expenses. Contact us for contract of services. Thanks and be Safe!

If you work for a hospital and would like to have us in. I can show you how you can do it without much cost and in some cases no cost to the hospital. 910-638-1905

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